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Our Mission

Our mission at Hot Yoga Ventura is to create an environment of health and wellness and to bring the healing aspects of this powerful hot yoga series to our community.  We are here to help and support, challenge and encourage all people to live to their highest and best potential. I am honored to bring years of studio ownership and instruction to downtown Ventura and happily share it with anyone who is willing to spend 90 minutes finding themselves in the mirror. This practice is a gift and the changes you will see in yourself will amaze you and everyone around you!

I invite you to join us as we sweat together, breathe together and heal together,

Shannon Engelhardt

class descriptions

Bikram Method- 90 min

Traditional Yoga series performed in Heated Room Temp:  105
All Levels

Inferno Hot Pilates- 60 min

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) based on Pilates technique
All Levels

Vinyasa- 75 min

Heated Yoga Flow class
set to music
All Levels

IHP: Level 2- 60 Min

HIIT based on Pilates technique utilizing resistance bands & light hand weights
All Levels

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First Timers

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Location:  Right in Downtown Ventura with Free Parking in the lot behind our space.