Every class is a beginner class, every class is a drop-in class.
No previous experience needed.

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Mindbody Troubleshooting tips:

If you are a returning student- Click “Sign Up" next to the class you wish to attend and select the pass you wish to use to pay for the class.  If you do not see your current active pass with us, make sure you are signed into Mindbody (or the Mindbody App) with the email and password associated with your account with us. Your available passes should show up when you are logged in.  

If you are a new student- click “Book” next to the class you wish to attend, set up a new account in MindBody and select the pass you wish to use to pay for the class.  We are currently offering Drop In Classes for $25. If you are still having trouble email us at info@hotyogaventuraca.com

What classes are available?

If the class says “Booked"- you are registered for the class (Reminder: our cancellation policy is 24 hours or a $25 no show fee)

If the class says “Waitlist"- it is full, but there are spots on the waitlist. If you clear the waitlist you will be notified by email and are considered confirmed for the class and our 24 cancellation policy applies

If the class says “Full"- both the class and Waitlist are sold out

If the class says “Call"- it is not available for sign up yet (classes can be booked up to 72 hours in advance)

class descriptions

Bikram Method

90 Minute traditional yoga series in heated room (105)

Inferno Hot Pilates

60 Minute High Intensity Interval Training (95)


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